Opti-Grip Stair Tread Adhesive Tape

Posted by Sean McDermott on May 27, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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In the past, stair treads were most often put down using wet adhesives. Today, however, we're seeing more contractors opt to use a dry stair tread adhesive tape, like Opti-Grip, because of the added convenience, durability, and safety aspects.

Shorter Installation Time

A dry adhesive, like Opti-Grip, is ideal for projects where there will be foot traffic on the stair treads soon after installation. This is because dry adhesives require minimal set up time and no curing time.

Increased Durability

Opti-Grip is made of polyester fibers that form strong, long-lasting bonds between your stairs and stair treads, giving the treads extra layer of durability that wet adhesives may lack. It's not only a stair tread adhesive, but also strong enough to adhere other stair accessories, like stair nosings, carpet, and more, both indoor and outdoor. 

Odor-Free Adhesive

Unlike wet adhesives, or glue, Opti-Grip and other dry adhesives is not odorous. This is especially important when completing your stair tread installation at places like hospitals, schools, or other places where people will be frequenting shortly after the installation.


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