Opti-Grip Adhesive Tape for Builders and Contractors

Posted by Sean McDermott on Jul 7, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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There are many circumstances where builders and contractors may be in search of a dry adhesive or double sided tape to complete an installation. Throughout our thirty years in the business, we've seen many adhesive tapes for contractors and builders come to market. But, many in the business continue choosing Opti-Grip, our acrylic tape with a fiberglass scrim, reinforcement, because of its ease of installation and durability.

A dry adhesive, like Opti-Grip, is ideal for projects in buildings with high-traffic, high-risk occupants, like schools or hospitals, because it requires no curing time and doesn't emit any odorous fumes. 

Opti-Grip is made of a polyester fiber that creates strong, long-lasting bonds between surfaces, creating an extra layer of stability and strength. Because of this, Opti-Grip is often the adhesive of choice for builders and contractors working on installations including:

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