Minimize downtime with our fully releasable, wall-to-wall flooring installation system.

Lok-Lift is a flooring installation product containing a unique dry bond adhesive mesh that creates total edge-to-edge adhesion between carpet and subsurface. Thus, Lok-Lift creates a secure installation that can be used over virtually any flooring surface including wood, carpet, concrete, and vinyl.

Lok-Lift Floorcovering Dry Adhesive

Lok-Lift is ideal for a variety of commercial industry applications, including healthcare, institutional, corporate, retail, aviation, transportation, and marine. It’s even the perfect solution for temporary commercial installations. 

Why Lok-Lift®?

Some of the biggest and most well-known institutions, like the Library of Congress and Delta Air Lines, use Lok-Lift® to secure their carpets.

Among other benefits, Lok-Lift:

  • Saves time
  • Eliminates messy glue and unhealthy fumes
  • Makes carpet removal a breeze
  • May offer considerable tax benefits
  • Resolves problems when dealing with vinyl asbestos issues

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Installing with little or no prep time required, Lok-Lift eliminates odors commonly found with wet adhesives. With its quick and easy installation, Lok-Lift significantly reduces workplace disruption and saves time and money when floor covering repair or replacement is needed.

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Simple Installation With Minimal Downtime


Replace carpet overnight and avoid downtime typically associated with the wet glue curing process. Many types of businesses, including restaurants, gyms, retailers, airports, and public institutions cannot afford to close their doors for an entire day, but that’s what will happen if they choose to re-carpet with the traditional glue-down process.

With Lok-Lift, new carpeting can be installed in a matter of hours, so businesses can quickly re-open and serve their customers.

Non-Toxic and Odor Free Adhesive


Not only is the traditional wet adhesive process messy, it also releases fumes, which can be unhealthy for vulnerable populations like children or the elderly.

Lok-Lift’s unique dry bond adhesive produces no odors, making it a great choice for:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Senior centers
  • Any building that serves the general population

Horizontal hold, Vertical Releasability


Lok-Lift’s releasable knitted mesh material works on all flooring surfaces. It also makes removing carpet quick and easy and even saves the carpet for reuse. Lok-Lift® is ideal for businesses that need regular access to subfloor wiring and temporary events that require carpet, such as:

  • Tradeshows
  • Concerts
  • Stadiums
  • Fan events and more...

Tax Advantages For U.S. Carpet Installers

IRS Code Section 168, allows carpet installed for business use, using the Lok-Lift® method, to be depreciated under the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System with a recovery period of 7 years rather than 39 years for permanent fixtures.

The Lok-Lift installation will allow the purchaser a substantially larger deduction and significant tax savings during the first 7 years of the assets life. The purchaser can depreciate not only the cost of the carpet but also the cost of the Lok-Lift, labor, and all of the installation expenses. In certain circumstances the purchaser may be able to deduct an additional $500,000 (tax year 2016) of the total cost in the year of acquisition under IRS Code 179. You should consult your tax advisor for your particular benefit.

Another potential tax savings with Section 168(k) allows the purchaser to elect to deduct 50% of the cost of the item. This special allowance is an additional deduction that can be taken after any Section 179 deduction and before figuring regular depreciation under MACRS for the year the property is placed in service.

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