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Posted by Sean McDermott on Feb 13, 2021 10:37:18 AM

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There are many flooring installations that call for fast flooring solutions. Whether a construction project is running behind, a temporary flooring solution is needed for a special event, or an existing business needs to (or wants to) change their flooring but can’t afford substantial downtime, there are quick and easy cost-effective solutions available.

Many “traditional” flooring methods use a wet adhesive that gives off potentially toxic fumes and requires days of downtime for installation and curing. This is a problem for businesses that can’t afford to lose revenue for days. In situations that call for temporary flooring, permanent wet adhesive isn’t even an option.

However, businesses can’t compromise quality in exchange for speed of installation. The floor must be secure and be able to withstand heavy traffic without shifting, buckling, or curling. Finding the right fast flooring installation solution is key to accomplishing all the project’s goals.

Considerations When Installing Flooring

When installing any type of flooring (permanent or temporary), there are a few project parameters to keep in mind for proper timeline and budget planning.

Downtime for Installation

No matter what, changing a floor takes time. The space needs to be cleared and the existing flooring must be prepared, either by cleaning it or removing it. Then, the new floor must be installed, and everything moved back into place. For situations that can’t afford a lot of downtime, this entire process may need to happen in a day or overnight. Traditional wet adhesive flooring comes with the additional time required to let the adhesive fully dry and set, which can require up to 24-48 hours before people can walk on the new floor. This is important to keep in mind for quick turnaround jobs.

Lingering Odors

“New car smell” may be popular, but “new flooring smell” is considerably less pleasant. The problem often isn’t the flooring material itself, but the adhesive used to secure it. Wet adhesives have a distinct odor and can give off potentially toxic fumes. In many situations, especially when people return and inventory is restocked, this is unacceptable. For fast flooring installation situations, be sure to use a Low VOC adhesive.

Flooring Lifespan

For permanent flooring installations, make sure the flooring can take heavy traffic and remain secure and looking good for a long time. Even with minimal downtime from a fast flooring solution, changing the flooring often can be expensive. Be sure the solution can stand up to traffic while still remaining secured to the ground.

For temporary flooring situations, the flooring needs to be equally secure while in use, but also needs to be quickly and easily removable with minimal residue. 


Budget is a concern with any project, but particularly when short timelines are at play. When dealing with flooring installation in general, consider the cost of materials and basic labor. Add a fast installation timeline to the mix, which will minimize overtime labor and potential rush fees, particularly if installations have to happen overnight. Choosing a fast flooring installation method is vital to keeping additional costs low. 

Dry Adhesive Flooring

While wet adhesives aren’t ideal for quick flooring installations (because of the curing time and fumes), dry adhesive products are ideal in this situation. Commonly found in the form of a doubled sided tape product, dry adhesive flooring solutions are low odor, secure, can take instant traffic, and come in a range of sizes for any flooring application. Depending on the size of the space, dry adhesive flooring can be installed in a matter of hours, instead of days for traditional flooring installations.

Dry adhesive flooring installation systems can be used over almost any existing flooring (including carpet, tile, and pavement), which can significantly reduce installation time if the alternative requires removing the existing floor. When using a dry adhesive flooring product, simply place the product in the desired area with the exposed adhesive side down. Apply appropriate pressure to the tape to ensure a strong bond. Remove the remaining protective sheeting and lay the new flooring over the adhesive tape then apply pressure to the flooring to secure it fully. The amount of pressure required depends on the specific product being used. While some products require simple manual pressure, higher-traffic installations may call for a weighted roller to ensure proper adhesion.

Extremely strong, permanent adhesive products (like Opti-Grip®) are designed as a direct replacement for wet adhesive flooring and can keep flooring secure for decades. For temporary flooring needs, dry adhesive products like Lok-Lift® offer a commercial-grade hold but are easily removable. In many cases, Lok-Lift is used to secure the main surface of the flooring area while Opti-Grip is used to ensure any edges or seams remain flat.

Situations Where Fast Flooring Installation is Important

The need to quickly install or change flooring isn’t limited to one industry. Many businesses may find themselves needing to quickly install brand new flooring, install temporary flooring, or quickly change floors with minimum downtime. 

Here are some examples of when fast flooring solutions are needed and the particular pain points some industries need to avoid when installing new flooring.

Healthcare Facilities

Potentially toxic flooring adhesive fumes are not an option in many healthcare facilities. Nor is significant downtime for facilities that are currently in use. Dry adhesive flooring solutions allow these facilities to avoid “glue fumes” and quickly change/replace flooring as needed to ensure safety and sanitation.


Schools are another institution that cannot afford lingering toxic fumes from traditional flooring solutions. Schools also have limited time to make flooring changes, as all renovations typically need to be completed over school vacations or summer. Lok-Lift® plus Opti-Grip® offer a secure, fast, and safe solution to flooring installation projects, giving schools the flexibility to change flooring as needed.


Retail settings often need flooring changes completed quickly, as they don’t have the luxury of closing for extended periods of time. Dry adhesives adhere to just about any existing flooring and can be installed in a matter of hours. Being low odor also means customers won’t be bothered by the new flooring while shopping.

Special Events & Conferences

Special events and conferences are often held in hotel ballrooms that have notoriously ugly carpet or outdoor spaces that don’t have formal flooring at all. When putting on a special event, flooring is an important part of the overall aesthetic. Getting the right look within the timeframe and budget requires a creative flooring solution that is fast to install, secure, and removable. 

There are many more situations that call for quick flooring installation and being aware of the options can help keep timelines and budgets on track.

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