How to Specify the Best Cove Base Profiles for Healthcare Facilities

Posted by Angela Blair on Mon Oct 2017

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How to Choose the Best Cove Base for Your School

Posted by Angela Blair on Tue May 2017

There are many flooring details to consider when designing a new school or developing plans to renovate an old one. Over the years, we’ve noticed that one of the most important accessories you’ll have to choose is cove base, which will help protect your walls from chemicals the maintenance crews will use to clean the floors, as well as from damage from rolling carts, book bags, and other equipment that teachers and students may be traveling with through the halls.

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How Much Does Cove Base Cost?

Posted by Angela Blair on Thu Jun 2016


Whether you’re adding on a room, remodeling your home or you are overseeing a huge commercial building construction, you will probably find yourself looking at options for a cove base product. This may seem like a very small part of your project (and it very well may be), but the choices that you make can affect your budget and the overall appearance of the finished area.

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