Optimum Technologies

Family Run, Global Reach

Optimum Technologies is a family owned and operated business that has enjoyed strong growth and international success over 3 decades in business. We still honor our founding principles of integrity, quality, and innovation as we expand our presence in 30+ countries and put our products on the shelves of the largest retail chains in the world.

Who We Are

At the heart of Optimum Technologies, Inc. is a team of people with a deep passion and expertise in the flooring industry. We are in the business of protecting people, buildings, and investments. Our family-run business has evolved from selling a single product to manufacturing and distributing an entire portfolio of home, office, and commercial adhesive products. We proudly partner with other manufacturers around the world in addition to promoting our own products. Our lines of products include tapes and other adhesives, commercial flooring accessories, an array of convenience products, and other durable goods.

Who We Serve

We work with a variety of individuals and organizations throughout the flooring industry. Retailers that sell housewares, hardware, and flooring products commonly stock their shelves with our home & office products.

On the commercial side, our products are used by a variety of contractors, architects, interior designers, facility managers, general contractors, and other trade professionals.

Finally, we partner with other manufacturers worldwide who have established products and need North American distribution. Thanks to over 30 years of distributing products, we have built a solid network of retailers and customers in home & office and commercial industries.

Who We Are Not

While we would love to help everyone, the reality and truth is that it is not realistic to sell to everyone.

  • If you are looking for the cheapest adhesive flooring product on the market, typically a wet glue, then our products are not for you.
  • If you are looking for a short term, inexpensive solution to flooring because your budget is squeezed, then we are not for you.

We believe in the investment of quality products that will pay dividends in the long run. From our experience, whenever corners are cut with cheap products, costs end up skyrocketing in the long run.

Company History 

Now for the fun part. Much has happened throughout the past 30+ years of our company's history. We are proud of our past and even more excited about our future.

1982 – Patents, trademark, and machinery to make Lok-Lift® are acquired by Lewis J. McDermott.

1983 – Lok-Lift, Inc. is formed by Lewis J. McDermott. Later, Lewis P. McDermott joins Lok-Lift, Inc. and begins production and market evaluation of product ideas.

1985 – Sean McDermott joins Lok-Lift, Inc.

1985 – License for Lok-Lift® signed in Holland for European sales of Lok-Lift and for use of Lok-Lift Trademark.

1985 – Lok-Lift Rug Gripper™ shown to Sears. After 11 months evaluation, it’s featured in their catalog and retail stores. Shortly after, the product becomes a bestseller.

1986 – Vicki McDermott joins Lok-Lift, Inc. after law school.

1989 – Steve Davis joins the team as Principal.

1989 – Optimum Technologies becomes the exclusive North American distributor of products for Gradus LTD.

1990 – Optimum Technologies, Inc. is formed from Lok-Lift, Inc. and sales increase dramatically.

1990 -1991 – Steve Davis hires sales force to broaden the market for Lok-Lift Rug Gripper.

1991 – Exclusive deal for commercial Lok-Lift signed with Shaw Industries.

1991 – Optimum's products go on the shelves of Home Depot, Ace, True Value, and Linens 'n Things.

1992-1993 – Optimum Technologies expands business to Australia and New Zealand.

1993 – Manufacturing equipment is moved to Cartersville, GA from Dalton, GA.

1993 – Optimum's products are made available at Lowes, Target, and Shopko.

1996 – Optimum Technologies now has patents issued or pending in 28 countries worldwide.

1997 – Wal-Mart takes on Lok-Lift Rug Gripper.

2003 – Kmart starts to sell Optimum's products.

2004 – Optimum’s Lok-Lift Rug Gripper Trademark is registered in the European Community.

2007 – Optimum’s Trademark Lok-Lift Rug Gripper is registered in China.

2008 – Optimum increases its market share in the retail arena by adding products and additional distributors.

2009 - 2010 – Optimum increases its market push as a manufacturer of “Made in USA” products while successfully competing with products coming into the market from Asia.

2011 – Steve Davis becomes President of Optimum Technologies.

2011 – Optimum continues to actively pursues additional relationships to increase its line of products and expand customer distribution channels.

2011 – 2022 – Optimum continues to grow and increase market share year after year.

Present – “Creating a quality American-made product, while caring for our environment and employees, has always been our priority.  We have achieved this goal and are now serving a growing number of satisfied customers in multiple countries.” - Steve Davis, President


earth_icon.fwRooted in Family, Connected Globally

Three generations of family are employed at Optimum Technologies. We take great pride in our roots and our close-knit culture is evident in all that we do - whether here in Cartersville, GA, or in one of the 30+ countries where we do business.


heart_icon.fwEco-Conscious Products

Our non-toxic flooring products are safe to use even in places with vulnerable populations like schools and hospitals. We also manufacture products that are recyclable.


usa_icon.fwMade in the U.S.A.

We don’t outsource! Instead, we manufacture many of our most popular products right here in the United States at our 250,000 square foot manufacturing and warehouse facility in Cartersville, Georgia.




How Can We Help You?

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