How To Use Stay 'n' Place®

Posted by Lewis C McDermott on Oct 17, 2016 9:00:00 AM


Stay ‘n’ Place is a very simple, easy to use product that can be set up in minutes. The whole process takes only a few steps.

Step One

Remove your Stay ‘n’ Place squares from the box and make sure your floor surface is clean and dry.

Step Two

Peel the liner off of the blank side of the Stay ‘n’ Place square and apply one square to a corner of your rug or mat.

Step Three

Remove the liner with Stay 'n' Place printed on it from the other side of the square, then set the corner down and apply pressure to the area of the rug or mat where the Stay ‘n’ Place is applied in order to secure it to the floor.

Step Four

Repeat this process for the remaining three corners of your rug or mat.

For additional instructions, check out our short Stay 'n' Place 101 video below:


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