Rug Grip® Traction™


Easily keep area rugs secure and slip resistant on virtually any hard surface floor.



Rug Grip® Traction™

Part of our extensive slip resistant product line, Rug Grip Traction is an easy-to-install product that keeps rugs securely in place on virtually any hard surface to reduce slipping, moving, wrinkling, and tripping hazards.

These slip resistant rubber strips securely and safely hold rugs in place without leaving any permanent marks or residue on the floor or rug. They’re ideal for just about any indoor hard surface, including wood, tile, vinyl, linoleum, and other hard surfaces. Easily cut the rubber Rug Grip Traction strips to fit rugs of just about any size — no mess, no hassle. Install in just minutes.

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Rug Grip® Traction™ is proudly produced in the United States of America.

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