Window Grip®


Weather-resistant, multi-use construction tape for your outdoor window sealing needs.



Window Grip®

Window Grip is a strong, easy-to-use tape that’s suitable for a range of exterior window sealing needs. It securely bonds to multiple hard surfaces, is weather resistant, and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Pressure Sensitive Exterior Window Construction Tape

Window Grip is a strong, multi-purpose construction tape designed to address a variety of outdoor window sealing needs. This easy-to-use tape is pressure sensitive for quick application and features a reinforced grid backing for extra strength. The more pressure you apply, the stronger the bond.

Window Grip securely bonds to concrete, aluminum, galvanized metal, exterior gypsum, and plywood, creating a secure bond no matter what material is adjacent to your window. Window Grip is air, moisture, and water impermeable, creating a bond you can trust . Additionally, this product resists UV exposure for up to 12 months. Window Grip can also withstand extreme temperatures, making it usable in a range of climates.

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