Transition Strips / Floor Trims

Aid Accessibility & Improve Safety

Help prevent trips and falls and create accessible transitions between sections of building interiors.


Gradus Transition Strips / Floor Trims

When your flooring has variations between surfaces, such as carpet-to-tile, a smooth transition is essential from an aesthetic and safety perspective. In addition to helping to prevent trips and falls, transition strips provide smoother access for wheeled equipment, such as wheelchairs and wheeled luggage.

Available Ranges of Transition Strips

  • Luxury Trim: A high-end range of floor trims in designer finishes.
  • Specialist Floor Trims: Designed to alleviate problems from when different floor coverings are used together
  • Trans-Edge Heavy-Duty Trims: A heavy duty product designed for areas with heavy traffic
  • Clip-Top: Two-piece transitions strips in PVC-u
  • Clip-Top fx: Two piece PVC-u transition profiles for on-site curving
  • MTS Multi-Trim System: Two-piece self-levelling transition profiles
  • Design Clip: Two piece aluminium floor trims for residential and light commercial use
  • Euro-Clip: Two-piece wood-effect floor trims for residential and light commercial use
  • PPS System: Two-piece silver anodised floor trims for residential and light commercial use
  • Cable Ducts: Profiles for securing loose or trailing cables
  • Matwell Frames & Ramping Frames: A range of recessed and ramping frames for primary barrier matting.

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Over 25 Colors Available

Gradus offers floor trims in a variety of materials and colors to meet the performance, safety, and aesthetic requirements of architects, specifiers, contractors, and end users. 

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About Gradus

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Gradus is a leading supplier of slip-resistant stair edges and flooring accessories around the world. Optimum Technologies, Inc. is proud to exclusively distribute the Gradus line of products into the North and South American markets, including Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the Bahamas.

Gradus has more than 40 years of innovative design experience with market leading products suitable for use in a wide range of applications across multiple sectors including commercial, retail, healthcare, and education.

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