How Do You Fix Scratches on Stair Nosings?

Posted by Angela Blair on Tue Nov 2016

A common question we hear from customers is what to do if a star nosing gets scratched. Can it be repaired? Will it need to be replaced? In our over thirty years of experience, we’ve found that the answer depends on one major factor – the material of the stair nosing.

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How to Install Gradus Stair Nosing

Posted by Angela Blair on Thu Sep 2015

So you’ve made the decision to use one of our Gradus  stair nosing profiles for your project and the goods have been delivered. Now what? One of the beauties ofour line of stair nosings is the simplicity of installation.  I will go over some of the various stair nosing types and give you step by step instructions.

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Gradus XT vs. Traditional vs. Elite stair nosing

Posted by Angela Blair on Fri Aug 2015

Let me start by saying that this post will give you different information than you will find in the Gradus catalog. The reason that I’m answering this question is to alleviate the confusion when it comes time to choosing which stair nosingwill work best for your project or installation.

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Topics: Gradus Products, Stair Nosings and Edgings, Commercial Product FAQs, Gradus FAQs