On what surfaces can and can't LOK-LIFT® be used?

Posted by Sean McDermott on Aug 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM

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Lok-Lift is a dry adhesive system that creates a secure installation over virtually any flooring surface. From concrete to wood, tile to carpeting, Lok-Lift will work. Here, we’ll explain the surfaces where it should and should not be used.

Where Can Lok-Lift Be Used?

Lok-Lift can be used on any clean, dry, secure flooring surface. There are several scenarios where it’s the most appropriate solution:

  1. Temporary flooring, like laying down a red carpet for a special event or installing a floor covering for a heavy-traffic trade show
  2. Sensitive environments, like schools or nursing homes because it doesn’t have the odors and fumes that wet glues can emit
  3. Time-sensitive projects, like hospitals, when there’s no time for a lengthy set-up and curing process

Asbestos and Asbestos Removal

It should also be used in situations where the customer doesn’t want to disturb the existing flooring, like in cases where the original flooring was installed with a vinyl asbestos adhesive.

In this case, there are two options - abatement or encapsulation. Abatement is an arduous, expensive process, so encapsulation is often the more attractive alternative. Encapsulation involves using Lok-Lift to install new flooring over the existing flooring.

Encapsulation is a safe alternative to abatement. Typically, asbestos is dormant until it is disturbed. Once it’s disturbed, it can get into the air and into people’s lungs. A new flooring carefully installed over an older floor with asbestos will help protect people from the potential hazard.

Lok-Lift Is not for use when:

Lok-Lift is not the appropriate dry adhesive to use in a very damp situation, or when the original flooring is not secure. It is possible, however, to secure the original flooring and then apply the Lok-Lift dry adhesive.

Additional Resources

As long as you follow the installation guidelines laid out in the Carpet and Rug Institute’s CRI 102 Manual, you shouldn’t run into any problems with Lok-Lift adhering to the floor. When in doubt, consult the manual.

If you want to learn more about the Lok-Lift dry adhesive system check out our product page for information or to contact us here at OTI with any questions you have.


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