Sean McDermott

Sean is the Director of Sales for Optimum Technologies. He has been with Optimum Technologies for over 25 years. Under Sean’s sales leadership, Optimum has placed its products on store shelves in many of the largest home and flooring retailers in the world.
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Fast Flooring Solutions

Posted by Sean McDermott on Feb 13, 2021 10:37:18 AM

There are many flooring installations that call for fast flooring solutions. Whether a construction project is running behind, a temporary flooring solution is needed for a special event, or an existing business needs to (or wants to) change their flooring but can’t afford substantial downtime, there are quick and easy cost-effective solutions available.

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The Ultimate Guide to Secure Temporary Flooring

Posted by Sean McDermott on Feb 12, 2021 4:41:04 PM

Flooring is a visual focal point of any space, whether for a special event or during the course of daily business. In some cases, the existing flooring just doesn’t offer the aesthetic appeal needed. In these situations, businesses often install temporary flooring that adapts to a specific event’s theme or requirements and will not cause lasting damage to the surface underneath.

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How to Retrofit Spaces with Temporary Flooring During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by Sean McDermott on Jan 8, 2021 7:29:28 PM

Due to the current Covid crisis, there has never been more demand or need for temporary flooring and installation systems.

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