Can Lok-Lift be used for external installation?

Posted by Sean McDermott on Oct 15, 2015 9:16:29 AM

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Lok-Lift Dry Adhesive for External Installation

Yes, Lok-Lift can be used for temporary external installation. The preferred use is when combined with an impervious backing. This type of backing prevents moisture from seeping through to the Lok-Lift dry adhesive product.

Our Lok-Lift product has been used for the following temporary outdoor installations:

  • Media events
  • Theme parks for presentations
  • Covered football fields to protect the turf during pre-game events
  • Parking lots to hold down astroturf
  • Movie premiers to hold down red carpet

One of our favorite examples is how Lok-Lift held the Puppy Bowl down for a temporary situation.

There really are hundreds of potential applications for Lok-Lift in outdoor situations when a dry adhesive is needed.

If you have a specific question or need that is not addressed here, let us know.

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