Flooring Manufacturers and Distributors

Offer your customers the adhesive solutions they’ll need for their flooring installations.

When our customers need something sticky, they contact us for a reason. For over 30 years, we’ve manufactured a range of dry adhesive products that suit consumer and commercial markets.

In the ever-changing flooring market, your customers’ needs are always different. From LVT flooring to carpet tiles, your clients need durable, high quality adhesive systems. That’s why we’ve worked over the years to develop different adhesive solutions that work for all types of installations - whether indoor or outdoor, long-term or temporary.

We can work together to select the adhesive solution that’s best for your customers’ specific installations.

Carpet Manufacturers

Custom Adhesive Solutions

If you need carpet connectors to accompany a specific type of carpet or floor, we can create something custom that will adapt to different flooring products. Our process involves designing around the thickness, size, shape, strength, and backing that will fit your specific needs.

Contact us here to discuss custom adhesive solutions for your business.


Distribute Optimum Products

Many of our adhesive products, such as our flagship product Rug Gripper, as well as Stay ‘n’ Place, have preset designs specifically for consumer markets. Retailers across the world, from big box to mom-and-pops, sell these everyday household items.

If you have the distribution infrastructure in place and are looking to add more household products to your distribution portfolio, we would be delighted to explore a possible partnership with you.

The following products are packaged for retail and ready for distribution:

Slip Resistant Products

  • Rug Gripper
  • Stay ‘n’ Place®
  • Grip-A-Rug
  • Outdoor Mat Gripper
  • Mattress Gripper
  • Drop Cloth Gripper
  • Car Mat Gripper
  • Chair Pad Gripper

Home Storage & Convenience

  • The Ball Claw
  • Art Gripper®
  • Fix-It™ Tape

DIY / Home Improvement

  • Opti-Grip® 
  • Kanga® Tape


  • Lok-Lift®
  • Opti-Grip® 

*Available for bulk purchase and frequently used by flooring dealers and contractors.

Private Labeling

If you sell housewares and would like to add innovative products to your line under your own unique brand, we can help. In addition to manufacturing custom solutions, we also work with companies interested in private labeling our own products.

Contact us here to discuss private labeling opportunities.

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