Drop Cloth Gripper™

No More Painting Accidents

The hardest and most frustrating part of any home painting project is keeping paint off the floor, furniture, and other surfaces. It’s so easy for the drop cloth to get bunched up or shifted away so that clean surfaces are vulnerable.

The innovative design of the Drop Cloth Gripper™ solves this annoying problem by locking the drop cloth in place so that it catches all stray paint droplets. With this highly functional product, your customers can avoid a damaging and frustrating painting accident.

Drop Cloth Gripper™ is the perfect add-on buy and will fit neatly in the painting prep section of your store.

Contact us today to get Drop Cloth Gripper™ in your store.

Get Drop Cloth Gripper™ in your store.

Why Customers Love Rug Gripper™

  • Prevents tripping on bunched rugs (especially important in homes with mobility-limited family members)
  • Can also be used on rugs and mats
  • Easy to apply – just takes minutes to put down
  • Works on ALL flooring, including tile, wood, laminate, and carpet
  • Provides horizontal hold
  • Works better than a rug pad
  • Made in the United States

Why Retailers Love Rug Gripper™

  • Offers competitive margins
  • Uses less shelf space than competitive products
  • Comes in award-winning, attractive packaging that entices consumers
  • Provides good alternative to mattress pad products
  • Comes in just one SKU to order Private label options available
  • Comes in multiple sizes
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee placed on every box
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